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In the search for a low priced wiper range to meet demand from drivers on a budget, many motor factors and retailers resort to generic or unrecognised brands in order to achieve the required market price point. But what if you could offer a budget wiper blade from a brand that drivers recognise and trust?

Introducing the new Lucas ECO Wiper Blade range. Big brand conventional wiper blades with a small price tag!


+ Quality All Metal Construction
Unlike many budget blades, there’s no plastic bridges or rivets used in this blade. All metal construction ensures longevity, reliability and all important customer satisfaction.

+ Ultra Quiet Operation
Smoother and quieter performance straight out of the box thanks to the precision engineered frame and graphite coated natural rubber.

+ All Weather Performance
New natural rubber compound stands up to the highs and lows of temperature fluctuations whilst the all metal construction endures the harshest of weather conditions.

+ Brand Power From Lucas
With over 140 years of innovation and development, Lucas have been continuously trading longer than any other automotive component brand in the world. Lucas is recognised and trusted by consumers all over the world.
All of this at incredible prices, why choose any other blade?

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11"-280mm, 13"-330mm, 14"-350mm, 15"-380mm, 16"-410mm, 17"-430mm, 18"-450mm, 19"-480mm, 20"-510mm, 21"-530mm, 22"-550mm, 23"-580mm, 24"-610mm, 26"-650mm, 28"-700mm


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